Found 65 Best Small Business Mobile Apps

I came across a great listing from Edith Yueng listing 65 of the Best Small Business Mobile Apps available today. See the link I attached to this post and check them out. I like the Square for mobile payments / acceptance of credit card payments. I also like the Virtual Broadcasting service too.

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Mobile technologies you need to Master !

Found this interesting Mobile Technologies article I suggest you read. I have entered my discussion at the end of this blog. I encourage you to add your opinions of mobile technologies and cloud data centers too.

Reposted – origin by Alan Joch “5 Mobile Technologies you have to Master”
Apr 22, 2011 – Washington Technology (see link below)

1. Mobile desktops

Vision: Instead of loading stand-alone applications and data onto smart phones and tablet or laptop PCs, agencies will use the mobile devices as portals to resources housed in internal data centers or cloud services. Workers will be unchained from assigned desks and hard-wired computers, and IT managers will gain greater management control over software, information and security policies on the mobile devices.

Reality: The public-sector push to private clouds is putting IT departments on track to deliver on-demand services — a change from the need to maintain hundreds or thousands of desktop PCs. Server virtualization provides an introduction to desktop virtualization, which can allow for greater control of mobile devices.

2. The new personal computer

Vision: Tomorrow’s super-powered, untethered hardware — including multiprocessor smart phones, tablets and netbooks — will replace traditional PCs for all but a few power users who require maximum processing horsepower right there on their desktop.

Reality: Today’s tricked-out smart phones come with dual-core processors, and quad-core models are expected by the end of the year. MicroSD chips carry 32M or more of memory. When those features are coupled with advancements in operating systems, smart phones and tablet PCs could become viable desktop replacements.

3. Data management and security

Vision: Advanced mobile management tools will make it easier to synchronize data between mobile devices and data centers and make it possible to draw clear separations between business and personal information stored on devices.

Reality: Data synchronization options are available today with commercial products — such as Google Docs, Dropbox and — that create cloud-based central folders for storing files accessible by mobile and desktop PCs. However, vendors are still in the early stages of introducing products that allow devices to safely double for work and personal use without exposing sensitive agency information or an individual’s personal data.

4. Ubiquitous wireless networks

Vision: Next-generation cellular and Wi-Fi networks will enable wireless connectivity almost everywhere and at data throughput rates that are equivalent to the fastest wired networks.

Reality: Next-generation Long Term Evolution and WiMax — and subsequently LTE Advanced and WiMax 2 — will continue to raise the performance bar for wireless networks. But speed isn’t enough. Service providers are struggling with the more fundamental problem of limited spectrum availability. The solution to that problem will rely on new and creative ways for service providers and enterprises to incorporate Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies in a bandwidth mix that can handle both voice and data traffic.

5. Unified communications

Vision: In addition to providing multiple ways to communicate — including voice, instant messaging, e-mail, and Web and videoconferencing — mobile devices will provide seamless interfaces so users can move from a phone call to a video chat and Web conference without hanging up and reconnecting. Meanwhile, the network transport on that single call could switch without interruption from an in-office wireless local-area network or Wi-Fi hot spot to a cellular network by searching for the most efficient and cost-effective path available.

Reality: Although all the individual channels are available on wireless devices, the underlying technology for unifying them into a seamless whole remains immature in the mobile world. The same goes for bridging Wi-Fi to cellular and voice and data networks in a seamless manner. Some vendors have made progress with forwarding voice-mail messages to e-mail accounts or vice versa, but unified communications is a more complex integration of multiple network transport types and communication channels in real time.

Discussion …………………………………………

I think the move by the government to push more data centers onto the cloud will save taxpayers significant amounts of money and promote more useful and operational mobile apps for information that we will need as a society on the move and becoming more consumers of all this intelligent government information being collected over the years. I hope to see many mobile apps that take advantage of the deep and vast government databases and information resources that will eventually reside on the cloud spaces.
I hope you are excited too !

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CES Reports Record Tablets on the Way.

As yet another golden calf is worshipped in sin city (Las vegas) the CES Show is all a buzz with multiple Tablet vendors announcing their Tablets to compete with the iPad.

According to Brad Stone “The stakes of the emerging tablet wars are huge. Apple has an early lead, with an estimated 10 million iPads sold in 2010, and is likely to keep it. But analysts believe the market is set to explode. The research firm iSuppli predicts 57 million tablets will be sold in 2011 and 171 million in 2014. “These companies aren’t trying to steal away from Apple. They are betting the overall pie will expand,” says Richard Doherty, research director at the Envisioneering Group, who estimates that more than 100 tablets are being introduced at CES this year. ” Check out his great article here:

Mr. stone further states that:
“The new tablets will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some will have only Wi-Fi access, and others will also connect to speedy new 4G networks. While the iPad has no camera, many of the new tablets have two—one in the front, one in the back. Toshiba, the Japanese electronics giant, plans to announce an as-yet-unnamed tablet with a 10-in. screen, two cameras, and a removable battery. Vizio, the Irvine (Calif.) company that has seized a lead in the U.S. market for HDTVs, is unveiling an 8-in. tablet with a high-resolution screen and a front-facing camera for videoconferencing.”

Apps Market
Both Toshiba’s and Vizio’s tablets will run Android, but neither company wants to be confined to selling undistinguished, me-too hardware. They also want a piece of the highly competitive market for mobile software apps. Toshiba says it will introduce its own e-book store and marketplace for tablet applications, while Vizio has created an interface to allow users to watch the same content and play the same games across multiple Vizio devices. Both companies will have a challenge getting customers to use their offerings rather than more popular and familiar ones in the apps marketplace provided by Google.

Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has a unique approach with what it calls its IdeaPad U1 Hybrid with LePad slate. It’s actually two computers in one—a slick, 10.1-in. Android tablet that becomes a PC running Windows 7 when it connects to a keyboard. “We’re showing that Apple does not have a corner on the market for innovation,” says Peter Gaucher, Lenovo’s executive director for mobile Internet devices.

So Moses.. which Tablet are you coming down from the mountain to crack us over the head with? Lenovo? Toshiba ? Vizio? or iPad ?
Hey it looks like the Red sea is parting again….who drowns now?

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MobileAppGuy Welcomes You !

Welcome to MobileAppGuy – a blog of (hopefully) meaningful tips on the most entertaining, useful and savvy mobile applications available on the iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices !

I am very interested in reviewing the most current and leading edge innovative mobile applications – primarily related to business intelligence uses for corporate executives that are now using smartphones and iPad’s for business intelligence purposes.

If you want to suggest any mobile app’s that are business intelligence related/configurable or supported by leading Business Intelligence software companies (like SAP, MicroStrategy, IBM, Oracle, Apple..etc) please post me some comments and I will be glad to review.

Thanks for your interest.

Created Jan 5, 2011

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